GEO is the sustainability group founded to support the industry, helping golf deliver and be recognized for a positive impact for the people and nature it touches, now and in the future.

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Inspiring golf to fully embrace sustainability and promoting a shared understanding of issues and solutions, working with and through industry associations and businesses.

Providing practical, straightforward online guidance programmes and mentoring, to make it easier for clubs, developments, and tournaments to ask the pertinent questions, improve now and in the future, and confidently share their successes.

Strengthening the reputation of golf clubs and developments and helping golf celebrate great golf environments on the basis of a new collection of verified real-world evidence and stories from villages, towns, and cities around the world.

Connecting the efforts and knowledge of the global golf community and recognizing people who are a part of golf’s sustainability movement.

GEO provides three programmes and also administers golf’s sustainability assurance, GEO Certified® - the symbol of great golf environments worldwide, available for Club and Course Operations, for Developments, and for Renovations. 


GEO CERTIFIEDOnCourse® - free online programme to help clubs get more from sustainability

 Legacy - guidance and mentoring with credible assurance for golf developments

 GreenDrive - guidance , mentoring and communications for golf tournaments

GEO is known for a positive outlook and collaborative approach, and we are proud to serve many people in and around golf: from course managers to course owners, land developers to governments, national federations to governing bodies.

As a not-for-profit organization, our work is made possible through support and input from a wide variety of stakeholders.  We are governed by a Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and Expert Working Groups.  We also seek input from a Stakeholder Network, a mechanism through which GEO collectively represents and advances its relationships with national and international golfing, government, environmental and civic organizations with the aim ensuring stakeholder involvement.  

Our guiding principles include the highest standard of credibility and transparency; commitment to real-world results throughout the global golf community; and an ethos of continual improvement and collaboration.

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