Golfclub Kagerzoom

GEO Certified® 08/2013 GEO Re-Certified 09/2016
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Executive summary (English & local language)

Kagerzoom has an active and enthousiastic GEO-team. The goals set by 2013 clearly helped them to further improve their performance within the six GEO themes. Also for the coming years new goals are defined, and given the discussion we had during the audit I am sure that Kagerzoom will further improve their GEO-performance. Nature development is still improving and they gained quite some knowledge on their energy and water performance by simply analyzing specific parameters more frequently. As it is now they are clearly on the right track.


The 9 holes course of Golfclub Kagerzoom is laid out on roughly 23 ha, and can be classified as a parkland course. A first complete survey in 2012 yielded around 170 plant species. In order to analyze the effect of golf course maintenance on species composition 6 permanent quadrants were laid out in 2012 and monitored in 2014 and 2015 by an external ecologist. Advice is given to further increase the botanical diversity. After their first GEO-certification in 2013 several activities were undertaken to stimulate the biodiversity around the playing areas. A breeding wall for kingfishers was installed, however until now without breeding success. Furthermore nest boxes were installed and to further stimulate insect life piles of dead wood were installed on several places in the course. Coming years the club may expand and part of the course will be renovated as some parts are unsafe for hikers and bikers. In all cases nature development will be an integral part of the renovation. Given these activities it is advised that by 2017 another complete survey of plants will carried out. Maintenance of the greens is geared towards a combination of fescue and bentgrasses and such that the abundance of bluegrass is kept to an acceptable level.


Around 8% of the total surface area of the course consists out of surface water, which is also used for irrigating greens, foregreens and tees. Based on their data from several sources it was calculated that the total annual rate of irrigation is actually lower than that based on pump hours. Thus it seems that leakages may occur. Causes are now being analyzed and it is their intention to have the problem solved by 2017. Kagerzoom is just one of the few courses in The Netherlands that regularly analyses the phosphorus and nitrogen concentration of their surface waters. Based on a comparison of these concentrations with those of the surrounding surface waters it can be concluded that course management is such that hardly any pollution effect of fertilizer use can be expected to their surface waters.


The last two years Kagerzoom analyzed energy consumption of several sources in detail and results are documented very well. Each month energy consumption was analyzed for these sources and this will allow them to further make appropriate decisions with respect to new activities that further reduces energy use. The GEO-team clearly indicated that Kagerzoom wants to become energy-neutral. To achieve this possibilities are analyzed to install solar cells. If financially possible they intend to install these solar cells simultaneously with the renovation of the facility building. Further they will gradually switch from tube lightning to LED lightning. Together with the maintenance contractor they are now analyzing possibilities to switch to electric mowing machines in the nearby future.

Supply Chain

Kagerzoom only obtains products from ISO certified companies and with respect to wood only FSC wood is purchased. Annual fertilizer use is highly acceptable for this type of course, and they are now analyzing fertilizer use on comparable courses in The Netherlands. This may result in an adaptation of their fertilizer regime in the next years. As already mentioned in the water section, pollution effects of fertilizer use on their surface waters can be neglected. Pesticide use clearly decreased the last three years, and from 2016 onwards weeds are firstly mechanically removed. Furthermore from 2016 onwards Roundup is not used anymore. All waste on the course is treated according to legislation.

Pollution Control

Kagerzoom has a well documented environmental care plan in which all necessary activities are described to keep negative of effects of management on the environment as low as possible. Samples of surface waters are regularly analyzed since 2014 and based on their data it can be concluded that polluting effects of fertilizer use on their surface waters are negligible. The facility building looked very well maintained and all chemicals and fluids are stored according to legislation. The coming years the building will renovated and a grease/oil separator will installed within the next two years.


The GEO-team of Kagerzoom regularly visits workshops organized by the Duth Golf Federation, and increases its knowledge on sustainability issues and nature development via external advisors. Nature issues are communicated via the regular media, furthermore once a year flora- and fauna walks are organised for the members. The club is close contact with external nature organisations and from 2016 onwards students are analyzing plant and wild life on the course under the guidance of staff members of Naturalis. Greenkeeping staff regularly follows courses on maintenance and safety issues.

Documentation Reviewed


The GEO-team of Kagerzoom clearly demonstrated knowledge on all GEO-themes. Given all the documented information on the GEO-themes and the very lively discussions during the audit, I Adrie van der Werf, highly recommend Kagerzoom to be certified with the GEO certficate for the second time in their existence

Certification Highlights

Clear reductions in pesticides used over the past 3 year period.
Greenkeeping department outsourced to external company which contracts with several local golf clubs showing community value in greening the supply chain.
Ethical environmental purchasing policy to only buy products and services from certified companies/suppliers.