Golf tournaments connect nature, communities and businesses. Every event can ensure that impacts are positive and showcase sustainability.


All types of golf tournament and events can bring sustainability into greater focus, starting with some simple basics and building over time.

With the right approach, hosts, organizers and sponsors can come together to deliver meaningful real world results, engage and inspire a wide audience, and raise the profile of tournaments. To get involved or find out more, please contact GEO


The venue for a golf event can be managed year round to high sustainability standards; efficient resource use, community integration, and responsible land management.


Solutions for energy, transport, waste and temporary structures, and the procurement of products and services, bring opportunities for efficiencies and business-to-business value.


The impacts of a sustainable event should not stop with the final putt. By supporting local projects and organizations tournaments can be valuable catalysts for wider action.

  • The European Tour has a long-standing commitment to sustainability, most notably through significant funding for GEO’s work. This will now be even stronger, with a new Green Drive initiative to support ET Properties, venues and tournaments. The initiative is possible with support from partners and sponsors who have come forward as leaders in their support of sustainable golf.

    ET Green Drive
  • The aim of the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles was to be the most environmentally and socially responsible golf event staged – reducing resource consumption, raising awareness and showcasing innovation. Planned and co-ordinated by GEO in partnership with several Scottish organizations, the Ryder Cup GreenDrive succeeded in reducing the footprint of the event and leaving a positive legacy.

    Ryder Cup 2014
  • We are seeking input from interested parties on the proposed international voluntary sustainability standard for golf tournaments. Setting an international voluntary standard for golf tournaments represents a significant step. It signals a consideration for the impacts and a protection of the integrity of the industry. Get involved and contribute your expertise.

    Public Consultation