GEO Certified® Broken Sound Club to Share Leadership Insights

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Broken Sound Club Compost Ferlilizer

Broken Sound Club is continuing to be recognized and as leader in sustainable waste management and has been invited to speak at a national training course for the Association of State and Territorial Sold Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO).

The ASTSWMO Joint Hazardous Waste and Materials Management Training will take place in August 2015 at Long Beach, California, with association members and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) staff from across the United States attending to keep up to date with current developments and best practice.

The Broken Sound Club have been invited to share their experiences following the success of their on site composting facility which sees organic waste from the club treated and converted into a nutrient rich fertilizer which is used on the course.

Broken Sound Club has long shown its leadership in sustainable management, in 2011 the Club become the first golf club in Florida, and only the second in the USA, to achieve golf’s coveted sustainability eco-label, GEO Certified®. The Club was re-certified in 2014 showing continued improvement and ongoing commitment to sustainability within all aspects of the clubs operations including nature, resources and community.

The Club’s flagship sustainability initiative, which earned them a commendation by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), has been waste management, with the club achieving a 95% recycling rate. Key to this success is the Club’s Central Composting Facility, which opened in 2011. The facility turns organic food waste and plant debris from the club and courses into an organic mulch fertilizer that is spread on the fairways and used in the landscaped beds. The mulch enriches the golf course’s soil and has reduced the Club’s reliance on insecticides. $12,000 was saved on fertilizer expenditure in the first year of operations, with cost savings also seen by a large reduction of garbage pick-ups. The money invested in the composting facility is expected to be recouped within the first 4-5years.

In addition to waste management, other sustainability projects running at the Club include:

  • The filtering of two million gallons a day of reclaimed water from the city of Boca Raton;
  • The addition of habitat corridors, nest boxes and bee hives to the course design,;
  • The use of solar panels to power weather stations and heat water for swimming pools, the two clubhouses and the fitness center and spa;
  • 100% of products and services used in food and beverage, catering and maintenance equipment from within 100 miles, with 30% from suppliers with in 10 miles of the Club;
  • Regular donations to the local community, including $400,000 raised at the 2015 Allianz Championship hosted at the Club which was donated to the Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

Bud Smart, Accredited Verifier for GEO Certified® said, “The Club has ‘connected-the-dots’ and sees how sustainability practices intersect to provide benefit for the Club and the environment. Leadership at the Club has implemented creative, innovative solutions to common problems that have resulted in positive impacts to the Club, the community and the environment.”

John Crean, GEO Broken Sound Club Said, “It is wonderful to be recognized by the state and federal agencies who have the authority to change environmental protection policies.  To speak at their national training conference shows how one small organization in Boca Raton, Florida, is educating the minds that can effect major policy change in the United States with regard to disposal, recycling of food waste and organic materials.

For further information Broken Sound Club's GEO Certified® report can be found here.

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