New Sustainable Golf Tournament Standard Nears Completion

Sunday 1 January 2017

Following a strong response from the first round of public consultation on the new Voluntary Sustainability Standard for Golf Tournaments, a second round has now opened for further input from any interested parties.

The aim of the public consultation is to ensure that balanced representation is achieved and a robust voluntary sustainability standard is made available to golf tournaments across the globe. Supporting them to maximise their positive social and environmental value by adopting best practice across their operations. During the standard setting process GEO (Golf Environment Organization), the not-for-profit group leading the industry collaboration behind this new standard, aim to gather input not only from within the golf industry but also environmental, sustainability and social rights organisations.

This latest, and final, round of public consultation will run until 30th January 2017. It follows a previous 60 day open consultation period which closed in mid December and continuous input from an Expert Working Group comprising nine experts from the golfing, sustainability, event and academic words. The group includes representatives from The Open and European tour, amongst others.  The open, transparent and inclusive standard setting process adopted by GEO follows the Codes of Good Practice put in place by ISEAL, of which GEO is the only sporting body to be a full member, alongside other notable sustainability standards such as Fairtrade, MSC and FSC.

Following this final round of consultation, the Voluntary Sustainability Standard for Golf Tournaments is expected to be published in February 2017. It will be launched alongside an independent certification scheme that will provide credible recognition to tournaments which uphold the voluntary standard and show a continued commitment to nature protection, resource efficiency and community value.

The public consultation will run from 1st – 30th January 2017. All details as well as further information about sustainability in golf tournaments can be found at 

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