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Kartano is built on a place with traditions. Features of the course include water (river and water hazards), smoothly rolling hills with pine and birch as the main woodlands and the Karhulahti Museum, a local farmhouse museum with main building and supporting household buildings. The course is next to an airfield, rather flat surrounding. The history of the area is partly farming and partly airport supporting areas (ie. Hangars). The course is about 4 km from the nearest town. The course is well maintained and no mentionable environmental risks…

Kari Mattila, GEOSA, Accredited Verifier Read verifier report.

GEO Certified® Report

GEO Certified® is the symbol of great golf environments worldwide – designating that a golf facility has met a credible standard in the areas of nature, water, energy, supply chain, pollution control, and community, and is committed to continually improve. GEO Certified® is widely trusted and endorsed by a growing number of organizations and people, both inside and outside golf.

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Facility details

Golf Courses
Kartanogolf (18 holes, 6120 metres, year opened 1988)
1 Clubhouse(s)
1 Maintenance Facility/Facilities
1 Pro Shop
1 Practice Facility/Facilities
1 Halfway House(s)
2 Other
1 Other
1 Other
1 Other


Luonnon ja maiseman yleispiirteistä kalliota on vähän, maaperä on hietaa ja hiesua ja pinnanmuodot ovat vaihtelevia. Maisema on pelto- ja hakamaata, metsät ovat kuivia ja tuoreita kankaita ja joenvarressa on kosteikkoa ja lehto. Vesialueita kuvaavat golfkentän läpi virtaava Kanavajoki, rakennetut lammet ja suunnitteilla olevat pohjapadot.

Features of nature and scenery are a little grag, soil is fine sand and silt and topography is varying. Scenery is field and pasture, forests vary from dry to fresh moor and around river could be found wetland and coppice. Waterways can be described with rived streaming through fairways, made-up ponds and submerged dams under planning.

Consultation & Surveys

This golf facility does not consult any organizations regarding landscape heritage conservation.

No landscape assessments or surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility.

This golf facility does not consult any organizations regarding ecosystem protection and enhancement.

The following ecological surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Kartanogolfin maisema- ja luontoselvitys II Helena Rönkä 2009/06/12 Download

No rare, protected or notable species occur at this golf facility.

This golf facility does not monitor any species as indicators of environmental quality.

Habitats & Designations

This golf facility features the following landscape designations:

Description Designating Authority
Historic Landscapes / Parklands Kartanogolf Ltd
Areas of Scenic Beauty Kartanogolf Ltd
National Park Kartanogolf Ltd
Geological Kartanogolf Ltd

Area of habitats / vegetation types, and associated designations at this golf facility:

Title Estimated Area (Hectares) Designation
Rough 'ecological' grassland 40 Self Appointed
Scrub Vegetation 10 Self Appointed
Native Woodland 10 Self Appointed
Non Native Plantation Woodland 3 Self Appointed
Wetlands 6 Self Appointed
Open Water Features 2 Self Appointed
Heather and other dwarf shrub communities 9 Self Appointed


Size and estimated species composition of amenity turfgrass maintained at this golf facility.

Estimated Area (Hectares) Turfgrass Species Sward Composition (%)
Greens 1.2 Hectares Poa annua 100%
Tees 2.0 Hectares Poa pratensis 50%
Festuca rubra 50%
Fairways 18.0 Hectares Poa annua 100%
Semi Rough 15.0 Hectares Poa pratensis 50%
Festuca rubra 50%

These turfgrasses are optimal for the circumstances at this club because:
These are best possible for our circumstances.

This golf facility assesses mowing patterns every: 1-3 times during season years

This golf facility does not consult individuals or organizations regarding its grassing plan.

This golf facility is making the following efforts to manage the playing quality expectations of customers:

Activity Description
Establishing clear internal policies for irrigation, fertilization, colour, cutting heights, overseeding etc We cut grass every day, cutting heights are as recommended and we fertilize greens regularly and fairways when needed.
Promoting the playing quality values of more naturalized turf, particularly fairways and semi-rough Our turf is as natural as it could be in Finland.
Promoting the financial benefits of presenting sustainable surfaces We cut and take care of grass as economically as possible.
Improving customer understanding around greens maintenance Our customers understand quality of maintenance and they appreciate our work.
Demonstrating the direct relationship between environmental best practice and year round high quality playing surfaces Our season is May-September.

Conservation & Enhancement

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve landscape character:

Activity Description
Allowing seasonal variation of course coloration and texture Fairways are cut to different angle on every second day.
Appropriately matching mowing lines to contours Fairways are cut to different angle on every second day.
Protection and restoration of historic features We protect old buildings on our course and we inform Joroinen municipality if any restoration is needed.
Discreet on-course signage and furniture On fairways we use guideposts, fairway guides and maps and fairway lenghts. Also we furnish fairways with benches, trash cans, ball washers, grilling places and water closets.
Conservation of specimen trees Natural forest is between, back and by the side of fairways. Fallen trees are replaced with the same species.
Screening and softening unsightly man-made features Buildings on fairways are in the shadow of trees or by the side of fairways, used colours are natural. Fairways fit to the scenery thanks to plantings.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to improve the landscape ecology of the golf course:

Activity Description
Minimizing the amount of amenity grass We use local amenity grass, when we need to fix small areas autumn time.
Increasing the size of habitat patches We leave 300 mm grass between fairways. We have also plantings - trees, bushes and flowers.
Connection of internal habitat patches We use plantings between fairways and we cut long grass once a week.
Connection of patches with external habitats Water ways, uncut grass, plantings and man-made ponds.
Creation of habitat corridors Water ways, uncut grass, plantings and man-made ponds.
Avoidance of habitat fragmentation We leave longer grass between fairways.
Improving and diversifying habitat edges Long grass, ponds, rivers, natural forest

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to improve the quality of habitats on the golf course:

Activity Description
Creation of botanically rich rough grassland We plant trees and bushes on rough grasslands.
Ecologically informed management of scrub vegetation We thin scrub vegetation with care to safe golf experience and we leave a part of scrub between and/or back of fairways.
Promoting species and structurally diverse woodlands We use original wood species when it's possible. We vary wood species when we plant to open areas.
Establishment of littoral shelves and marginal vegetation in wetland areas Our golf course is near lake, we try to protect natural vegetation near river.
Maintenance of an appropriate balance of open water and aquatic vegetation We protect water vegetation on river banks. We clean our man-made ponds from dead aquatic vegetation on spring time.
Naturalization of linear habitats We protect water vegetation on river banks.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve and enhance biodiversity on the golf course:

Activity Description
Provision of nesting and nectar for pollinators Pollinators can have nectar from our flowers and bushes.
Installation of nest boxes Nearest nest boxes are about 1 km from our golf course to pollinate field mustard.
Provision of feeding tables We plant flowers and bushes.
Control / management of alien species We do not control alien or any insects.
Provision of hibernation areas Hedgehogs can hibernate on golf course under bushes and leaves.
Creation of micro-habitats (eg log and stone piles) We have piles of wood and stick, which we chip on autumn.


Kasteluvesi nostetaan Kanavajoesta, minkä virtaama on 10-50 m3/s. Talousvesi nostetaan porakaivosta. Porakaivosta tuleva talousvesi (300-350 m3/vuosi) kirjataan. Kasteluveden käyttöä ei seurata. Kasteltava pinta-ala on 21 ha. Kasteluveden otolla ei ole rajoituksia. Laitteisto huolletaan tarvittaessa, valmistaja on päivittänyt laitteiston vuonna 2010.

Irrigation water is from local river (Kanavajoki), which flows between 10 and 50 m3/s. Drinking water from drilled well is registered (300-350 m3/year). We have no limitations for amount of irrigation water. We irrigate area of 21 hectares. Irrigation system is serviced when necessary. Manufacturer has updated equipment on year 2010.

Sources & Consumption

No water audits have been undertaken at this golf facility.

The water used at this golf facility is drawn from the following sources:

2013 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Groundwater 100% 300,000 Litres
Golf Course Surface 100% 24,000,000 Litres
Maintenance Facility/Facilities Groundwater 100% 10,000 Litres
2012 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Groundwater 100% 320,000 Litres
Golf Course Surface 100% 22,000,000 Litres
Maintenance Facility/Facilities Groundwater 100% 10,000 Litres
2011 Source(s) % of supply Total Consumption
Clubhouse(s) Groundwater 100% 300,000 Litres
Golf Course Surface 100% 25,000,000 Litres
Maintenance Facility/Facilities Groundwater 100% 10,000 Litres

Irrigation & Efficiency

The following areas receive irrigation at this golf facility:

Greens 2-3 days per week
Tees 2-3 days per week
Fairways Weekly
Semi-Rough Never
Rough Never
Other Weekly

The irrigation system at this golf facility is:
Fully computer controlled

The irrigation system at this golf facility is:

Serviced every 1 years

Upgraded every 5 years

Re-calibrated and checked for efficient application every 5 years

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to maximize irrigation efficiency:

Activity Description
Selection of grass species We select grass species so that they grow with as little water as possible and survive Finnish winter.
Soil decompaction and thatch management We prevent soil decompaction by using sand and aeration, we remove thatch from greens and tee areas.
Timing and dose of water application We water golf course during night and when necessary wetting agents.
Analysis of soil moisture We limit watering during rainy and cloudy days.
Incorporation of evapotranspiration rates and weather data We water during night when humidity is high.
Use of wetting agents We use wetting agents when irrigating greens.
Overall reduction in irrigated area We limit watering when area is irrigated.
Targeting of sprinkler heads We target sprinkler heads when we change new ones or system is leaking.
Optimizing system pressure We have quite stable pressure without leaks.
Adoption of cutting edge nozzle technology We use normal nozzlers.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to conserve / reduce / minimize water consumption:

Activity Description
Low-flow urinals and toilets We have installed new low-flow toilets to reduce water consumption.
Use of water efficient appliances We limit water leaks and use water saving technology on our club.
Use of efficient shower technology We have water saving showers.
Repairing leaks We repair leaks as soon as possible.
Water awareness signage We will inform our customers, when water resources are limited.


Polttoöljyä kuluu noin 12.000 litraa vuodessa ajettavien nurmenhoito-koneiden polttoaineena. Moottoribensiiniä kuluu noin 1000 litraa vuodessa pienkoneiden polttoaineena.

Sähköä kulutetaan vuositasolla 160.000 kWh. Sähköenergiana käytetään osittain (50 %) koskivoimalla tuotettua paikallista sähköä. Sähköä kuluu kastelujärjestelmään, valaistukseen, kylmä- ja pienlaitteisiin, käyttö-veden lämmitykseen ja peruslämmöksi lämmityskaudella ilmalämpö-pumppujen avulla.

Diesel is used about 12.000 litres per year as fuel for lawn machines. Petrol is used about 1000 litres per year as fuel for various machines.

Electricity is used 160.000 kWh per year. Electricity is partly produced by local hydropower (50 %). Electricity is used for irrigation, lightning, refridgerators and kitchen devices, warmimg up water and heating by the help of air-to-air heat pumps.

Sources & Consumption

No energy surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility.

Consumption of renewable energy and resources at this golf facility:

2013 2012 2011
Renewable Grid Electricity (kWh) 77000 78000 80000

Consumption of non-renewable energy and resources at this golf facility:

2013 2012 2011
Diesel (Litres) 12300 12600 13700
Non-renewable Grid (kWh) 77000 78000 80000
Petrol (Litres) 1120 1300 1150

Energy Efficiency

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to diversify energy and fuel supply:

Activity Description
Adoption of green tariff grid supply Electricity is used 160.0000 kWh per year. Electricity is partly produced by local hydropower (50 %).
Installation of small scale wind turbine Installation and use of small scale wind turbines are forbidden due to air field near to golf course.
Installation of photovoltaic and / or solar panels Installation and use of photovoltaic and / or solar panels are forbidden due to air field near to golf course.

Use of geothermal and / or ground sources Not planned. We use 3 air-to-air heat pumps to cool and warm our club.
Use of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) We have not any machines using LPG.
Use of biodiesel and /or ethanol We have not any machines using biodiesel or ethanol.
Use of electric hybrid vehicles We may invest to hybrid vehicles in future.
Use of recycled oils Lubricating oil for chain saws is recycled.

This golf facility is undertaking the following activities to reduce energy consumption:

Activity Description
Investment in low-energy heating and air conditioning systems 3 air-to-air heat pumps. We will install more air-to-heat pumps.

We don't use cooling system to cool down our club house nor other buildings.
Optimizing thermostat levels for heating and refrigeration We have modern refridgerators with optimized thermostats. Heating with air-to-heat pumps has lower temperature, when club is closed at nights and winter.
Enhancement of natural ventilation opportunities We use partly natural ventilation during summer.
Upgrading of building insulation Our new club is insulated according to building norms.
Use of natural light (e.g. sunlight pipes) Terrace of club is lighted with sun.
Installation of low-energy lighting Low-energy bulbs are used in club.
Use of motion sensor lighting Motion sensors are used outside.
Transition to energy efficient appliances We use less energy when club is closed.
Use of timers with appliances, heating and lighting We use timers for heating and lightning.
Educating staff and customers We have told to staff to use less energy when moving on golf course and making food.

Vehicles & Transport

The maintenance fleet at this golf facility uses the following fuel sources:

Ride-on Mowers Walking Mowers Utility Vehicles
Petrol 100%
Diesel 100%

Additional vehicles operated by this golf facility use the following fuel sources:

Golf Carts Cars Buses
Grid Electric 100%

This golf facility has established the following schemes to encourage reductions in staff and customer transport emissions:

Activity Description
Car sharing incentives Some members of staff share cars on way to work.
Group transportation (e.g. buses) Some groups use buses when travelling/coming to tournaments.
Secure cycle parking Bicycle stand is planned.
Promoting public transport routes and timetables Our club is situated in a place where is not public transport.
Increasing equipment storage (e.g. lockers) We have built more storage for equipment.
Staff showers Our showers are energy and water saving.
Tax breaking incentives for cycling Most of our golfers use own cars.
Promotion of walk to work campaigns Most of our staff use own cars.

Supply Chain

* golftuotteita
* keittiöön ruoka-aineita, puolivalmisteita ja eineksiä ja ravintolaan välipaloja ja
* maa-ainekset pääosin paikallisia
* koneiden varaosat laitetoimittajilta
* kentälle siemenet, lannoitteet ja torjunta-aineet
* koneisiin voitelu- ja hydrauliöljyt, polttoaineet ja huoltokemikaalit

* golf products
* for kitchen foodstuff and for restaurant snacks and beverages
* soil, gravel and sand, mainly from local suppliers
* spare parts for machines
* seeds, fertilizers and pestisides
* lubricant and hydraulic oils, fuels and chemicals for maintenance


Purchasing Policies

This golf facility undertakes the following ethical / environmental purchasing activities:

Activity Description
Measures to avoid waste at source We sort packages and recycle materials according to instructions.
Use of local suppliers Our golf course is on countryside, lot of our suppliers are in Helsinki or other cities for exampler golf products and spare parts.
Use of local products Our restaurant buys a part of foodstuff from local suppliers according to terms of Nordic Ecolabel. For maintenance of golf court we use local electricians, plumbers and builders. We buy local sand, gravel and soil from local suppliers.
Selection of certified products Our restaurant buys ecolabeled and local products according to terms of Nordic Ecolabel. Cleaning chemicals are ecolabeled. Hydraulic oils are biodegradable.

Use of recycled and recyclable products We use some recycled products and we try to use recyclable products.

We recycle used soil and peat to earthworks like building hills or filling holes.
Selection of products that feature minimal packaging We try to select products with minimal packaging, for example local foodstuff.
Use of accredited suppliers (e.g. ISO 14001) A part of our suppliers are accredited, such as nationwide wholesales.

Supply Chain

An overview of the supplier network at this golf facility:

Total number of suppliers Total number of suppliers within 10 Kilometres Total number of suppliers within 100 Kilometres
Food & Beverage 10 5
Catering Supplies 2
Retail 11 4
Trade & Contractors 7 5
Maintenance Equipment 5 1
Course Supplies 5

Turfgrass Inputs

This golf facility undertakes the following IPM activities:

Activity Description
Encouraging drought and disease tolerant grasses We improve grass to drought and disease tolerant by the help of
supplemental sowing.
Managing stress and wear We take care of grass so that it will be damaged as little as possible due to stress and wear.
Enhancement of soil structure We enchance soil structure by aerating and sanding.
Optimization of the growing environment We optimize growing enviroment by sanding and analyzing fertility.
Managing thatch levels We remove thatch from greens and tees, most of from fairways.
Managing surface moisture We water golf course, use moisture agents and aerate golf course with many methods.
Establishing thresholds for pests and disease We control our golf course daily by course manager.
Scouting for pests and diseases We control our golf course daily by course manager.
Monitoring / improvement of plant health We control our golf course daily by course manager. We water and fertilize golf course and aerate golf course with many methods.

Fertilizer use at this golf facility in the last three years (kg):

2013 2012 2011
Fairways - K - Inorganic 169 153 107
Fairways - N - Inorganic 224 240 249
Fairways - P - Inorganic 56 53 35
Greens - K - Inorganic 133 151 150
Greens - N - Inorganic 173.2 182 195
Greens - P - Inorganic 19.8 29 29
Semi-Rough - K - Organic 50 60 45
Semi-Rough - N - Organic 50 60 60
Semi-Rough - P - Organic 20 20 15
Tees - K - Inorganic 60 77 80
Tees - N - Inorganic 103 164 142
Tees - P - Inorganic 12 21 31

Pesticide use at this golf facility in the last three years (kg):

2013 2012 2011
Fairways - Herbicide - Active Ingredient 0.1 0.5 0.1
Fairways - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 1 2 1
Greens - Fungicide - Active Ingredient 3.5 6.0 2.8
Greens - Fungicide - Total Weight 2.3 0.7 2.8
Greens - Fungicide - Number of applications per year 3 5 6
Rough - Herbicide - Active Ingredient 4.2 3.5 0.2
Rough - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 1 2 1
Semi-Rough - Herbicide - Active Ingredient 4.3 3.5 0.2
Semi-Rough - Herbicide - Number of applications per year 1 1 1
Tees - Fungicide - Active Ingredient 1
Tees - Fungicide - Total Weight 1.5
Tees - Fungicide - Number of applications per year 1

This golf facility undertakes the following actions to optimize pesticide use:

Activity Description
Selection on the least toxic and lest persistent products We select effective product for current problem.
Selection of appropriate products for specific pests and diseases We select appropiate products for current problem.
Spot-treatment with handheld sprayers and wipers We use spot-treatment when necessary (garden, club yard).
Calibration and testing of sprayers We test our sprayer in the beginning of season and change nozzlers during maintenance.
Use of shrouded sprayer and anti-drip nozzles We have normal sprayer.
Non-chemical weed control We take weeds mechanically if there is some weeds or from garden.
Use of organic and biological products to improve plant health and resistance. We use organic fertilizer to our flowers and bushes.

Waste Management

The following waste audits have been undertaken at this golf facility:

Title Author Date View document
Waste mangent Joroinen Kartanogolf Ltd IR Download

This golf facility manages key waste streams as follows:

Re-use Recycle Landfill Incinerate
Glass false true false false
Plastic false true false false
Aluminium false true false false
Metal false true false false
Paper & Cardboard false true false false
Grass Clippings true false false false
Cores & Turf true false true false
Sand true false true false
Wood / Timber false true false false

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to continue the lifecycle of materials and resources:

Activity Description
Separation of recyclable materials We sort recyclable materials.
Establishment of recycling centers We build two recycling centers for club and restaurant and for course maintenance.
Returning clipping to fairways and walkways Most of clipping is returned to fertilize semiroughs.
Education of staff and customer education We have informed staff about GEO process and environmental requirements of GEO and Nordic Ecolabel.
Waste awareness campaigns We inform how to sort waste and how to keep course tidy.

Pollution Control

Luontoa suojellaan välttämällä ympäristön pilaamista ja roskaamista. Vältämme puiden vahingoittamista hoitotöiden yhteydessä. Käytämme lannoitteita ja torjunta-aineita nurmen kunnon mukaisesti. Vältämme turhaa liikkumista kentällä hoitotöissä. Pyrimme säästämään energiaa ja lajittelemaan jätteet ja pakkausmateriaalit. Ongelmajätteet hävitämme asianmukaisesti.

We protect nature by avoiding contamination and trashing. We avoid damaging trees during maintaining the course. We use fertilizers and pesticides when needed. We avoid unnecessary moving on golf course during maintaining. We save energy and sort our wastes and packaging materials. We dispose hazardous wastes properly.

Water Analysis

This golf facility monitors water quality with the following frequency:

Chemical Biological Visual
Inflow Yearly
Outflow Yearly

Waste Water

Waste water from this golf facility is managed as follows:

Discharges to Formal Discharge Agreement
Golf Course Septic Tank Yes
Clubhouse Septic Tank Yes
Maintenance Facility Septic Tank Yes
Wash Pad Via Oil Separator Yes

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials at this golf facility are handled and disposed of as follows:

Secure Storage Registered Uplift
Detergents true false
Cooking Oils true false
Lubricants true false
Pesticide Containers true true
Fertiliser Bags true false
Oil Filters true false
Batteries true false

Pollution Prevention

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to prevent pollution from its maintenance facility and clubhouse:

Activity Description
Storage of equipment and hazardous products on covered, sealed impervious areas Pesticides are stored in undrained storages. Lubricants, detergents and cooking oilsare stored in dry storage. All wastes are removed according to instructions.
Maintenance of equipment on covered, sealed impervious areas We maintain our equipment on covered area.
Mixing of pesticides and fertilizers in covered areas We mix pestisides with water and additives carefully.
Mixing of pesticides and fertilizers over impervious surfaces We mix pestisides with water and additives carefully.
Installation of above-ground fuel tanks Tank is shielded and inspected according to instructions.
Installation of sufficient secondary containment for fuel Secondary containment is installed.
Provision of containment booms and absorbent materials We use as absorbent peat.

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to prevent pollution on its golf course:

Activity Description
Eliminating leachate and run-off through careful timing of turf inputs We fertilize turf often when necessary, We do not fertilize nor use pestisides in the area of 10 meter from water.
Establishment of vegetative buffer strips around water bodies We use buffer strips around ponds and river.
Establishment of emergency spillage response plan We take care of spillage by maintaining machines and spills we clean by using peat.
Controlling erosion and sediment discharge We control erosion by keeping turf as well growing as possible during golf season.
Establishment of pesticide-free zones We do not spray pestisides in the area of 10 meter around water. We use pestisides carefully and when needed.
Use of swales and bio-filters to slow and treat surface run-off We use higher grass near water areas.


Golfkenttä työllistää vakituisesti 3 henkilöä ja pelikauden (touko-syyskuu) aikana noin 20 henkilöä eri tehtävissä.

Golfyhtiö tukee paikallisia urheiluseuroja ostamalla ilmoitustilaa seurojen julkaisuista. Golfkentällä järjestetään vuosittain Joroisten musiikkiyhdistyksen konsertti.

Golfyhtiöllä on hyvät suhteet Joroisten kunnan, naapureiden, urheiluseurojen ja paikallisen liike-elämän kanssa. Golfyhtiö on positiiivisesti esillä paikallisessa ja valtakunnallisessa mediassa.

Golfkenttä ja ravintola toimivat ympäristöasioissa vastuullisesti.
Golf course employs 3 persons and during season (May-September) about 20 persons in different works.

Golf company supports local sport clubs by buying ads from club publications. On golf course we arrange annually concert of Joroinen Music Festival.

Golf company has good relations with Joroinen municipality, neighbours, sport clubs and local businesses. Golf company is positively visible in local and national media.

Golf course and restaurant take care of our environment responsibly.

Employment & Education

Typical staffing levels at this golf facility are:

Full Time Part Time Seasonal
Club Management 1
Course Management 1 7
Food & Beverage 1 6
Golf Coaching 1
Retail & Leisure 4
Other 1

The sustainability working group at this golf facility is comprised of:

  • General Manager
  • Course Manager
  • Committee Members
  • Technical Specialist

Employees at this golf facility receive the following formal and informal environmental education:

Activity Description
Storage, application and disposal of pesticides 2 employees have formal education to use, applicate and dispose pesticides .
Efficient water management Course manager has education to maintain watering system.
Management of accidents and emergencies Basic course of fire fighting has been arranged to all employees on year 2010. New course planned on 2014 with first aid course and basic fire fighting.
Management of habitats and vegetation Course manager has education to subject.
Waste minimization, separation and recycling We limit waste amount. We will invest to waste separation and recycling and apply new instructions.
Health & Safety Our safety plan is updated on 2013.
Energy Saving We will save energy by
* new grass machines
* new refridgerators
* using air-to-air heat pumps we reduce electricity usage of heating by 60 %
Understanding of landscape and cultural heritage * We keep up protected buildings
* We keep up environment with plantings and cleaning
* We avoid littering and contamination of nature
Environmental management planning * We will update our nature and environment survey
* We will prepare our environmental program
* We will apply GEO membership

Community Relations

This golf facility engages with local community groups in the following manner:

Activity Description
Neighbours * We have good relations with our neighbours
* We have rented a part of our golf course
Local Government * Municipality of Joroinen is biggest share owner
* marketing cooperation with municipality of Joroinen
Local Environmental Groups We have contacts to local environmental groups.
Local Community Groups We have cooperation with:
* Joroinen Music Festival
* Theatre club
* businesses and organizations
Media We have good relations with media
* local newspaper
* golf magazines
* radio and TV
* golf.net
* Finnish Golf Union
Local Businesses Business relations briefly:
* competitions and happenings for businesses
* cooperation with advertisements

Schools & Colleges Familirisation to golf on exercise lessons
Exercise camps
Familiarisation to golf for teachers

Land Use & Cultural Heritage

This golf facility provides access and diversified land use for others through:

Activity Description
Maintenance of existing public paths Public path is under planning with cooperation with Joroinen municipality to nearby recreational area.
Creation of new paths and nature trails Under planning, Joroinen municipality is building new path to public path.
Installation of effective and welcoming signage We have new welcoming sign and parking place.
Providing opportunities for other recreation (e.g. fishing) You can walk from our course to public path near us.
Partnership conservation and access projects (e.g. community woodland) Landscape and nature survey updated on 2009.
Continuation of traditional agricultural activities We have old traditional buildings on our course. You can also visit local museum inside our course.

No archaeological or heritage surveys have been undertaken at this golf facility.

This golf facility does not consult any organizations regarding the conservation of cultural heritage.

This golf facility undertakes the following activities to conserve cultural heritage features:

Activity Description
Buildings (Listed Buildings / Ancient Monuments etc) On golf course there are three protected buildings:
* two shingle-roofed storages
* mainentance building is war time hangar
Archaeology (Settlements / Agricultural System etc) On golf course there are no archaelogical sites, near course a stone age site could be found.
Historic Features (Hedgerows / Dykes / Moats / Cairns etc) On course area is home museum of Joroinen municipality with old buildings. During war time course area was full of hangars.


This golf facility undertakes the following internal environmental communications:

Activity Description
Provision of newsletters, notice boards & poster display * Customer magazine Honööri
* Competition calender
* Happenings
Members evenings and course walks * Groups have many kinds of competitions and trips
* Tutorials
* Familirisation to golf
* Committee evenings
* Junior practises
* Brush up for Green Card owners
Course guides / brochures * Brochures for course
* Invitations for competitions
* Fairway guide
* Local rules
* Result card
Interpretation panels & course signage We have interpretation panels and course signs on our colf course.
Establishment of a nature trail You can use public path near (400 meter) our golf course

This golf facility undertakes the following social and environmental advocacy activities:

Activity Description
Website, press releases & brochures * http://www.kartanogolf.fi/
* Release of happenings and competitions on local and golf papers
* Text message service
Supporting campaigns * Buying ad space in publications
* Supporting Junior golf
* Women's bank
Course walks / open days * Annual concert of Joroinen Music festival
* Restaurant is open for all during season
* National golf day
* Familiarisation to golf for our partners
Attending community meetings One form of exercise is golf during summer exercise camps.

Joint practical projects with community * Annual Concert of Joroinen Music Festival
* Finntriathlon Competition