TournamentsAll types of golf tournament and events can bring sustainability into greater focus, starting with some simple basics and building over time.

With the right approach, hosts, organizers and sponsors can come together to deliver meaningful real world results, engage and inspire a wide audience, and raise the profile of tournaments. To get involved or find out more, please contact GEO


The venue for a golf event can be managed year round to high sustainability standards; efficient resource use, community integration, and responsible land management.


Solutions for energy, transport, waste and temporary structures, and the procurement of products and services, bring opportunities for efficiencies and business-to-business value.


The impacts of a sustainable event should not stop with the final putt. By supporting local projects and organizations tournaments can be valuable catalysts for wider action.

  • The OnCourse Tournament programme support's golf tournaments to maximise their social and environmental value across the planning, staging and legacy phases of the event. Providing expert guidance and practical tools the programme is tailored to individual tournaments whether starting their sustainability journey or already well along the way. Contact GEO to find out more.

    OnCourse Tournaments
  • An international voluntary sustainability standard for golf tournaments has been developed and is due to be launched shortly. The standard criteria have been developed by an Expert Working Group and multiple public constellations. An independently assessed certification will provide credible recognition to tournaments that meet the standard's criteria. For more information now contact GEO.

    Tournament Standard
  • Many tournaments across the world are already working with GEO to enhance their social and environmental value. Positive publicity; enhanced community relations and legacy; supporting sponsor Corporate Social Responsibility programmes; and increased spectator satisfaction are just some of the benefits to a robust tournament sustainability programme.

    Leading Tournaments